Friday, October 8, 2010

Final Fantasy 14 level Guide - Learn How to Dominate FFXIV By Power Leveling Now!

Is your FFXIV power leveling not going to plan? Are you trying to find a Final Fantasy 14 Leveling guide to speed up your leveling during the game? The read on, in this review we will discuss some handy strategies and pro secrets on how to power level up to 50 and higher in a matter of days, even hours. Curious? Continue reading!

Choose The Best Places To Leveling in FFXIV

The Key to FFXIV power leveling is to find the right place to level up, especially if you are a noob sometimes the reason leveling can be narrowed down to places you are trying to power level. Since the game is rather new you'll find allot of newbies trying to accomplish the same thing. The trick is to find cities where there's lots of mobs but few players dwelling, here you level up faster and not have to burden of competing with other to get experience points. So you have to be savvy and choose wisely where to power level.

Time Management is Key to Final Fantasy XIV Power leveling!

One bad habit you must avoid is randomly accepting quests that are not in your current vicinity. For instance, if you completing quests on one city and are offered to do quests in other city areas it would be wise to drop everything and travel to other areas. Time traveling to different cities is valuable downtime and you could instead be completing quests in your city leveling up. So its good practice to complete the quests in the current city you are in and then move onto the next city, thus maximizing you power leveling time.

Using A Step by Step Guide To Easily Level Up, Earn Lots Of Gil & Dominate At PvP

When you're trying to level quickly, using a guide is probably your best bet.  There are tons of them and they're made for people just like you, who are looking for exact steps they should take and advice on which quest you should avoid and which one you should focus on.  There are tons of quests that are a waste of time, and knowing these beforehand is well worth the guide on its own.

Below are some other bonuses you receive with a FFXIV leveling guide

* Pro tips on Power leveling using any Race.
* A thorough walkthrough on each type of quest - what ones to choose, fastest way to complete it, where to find the most profitable quests. .
* Secret tips on how to amass large amounts of Gil
* Exclusive insider strategies on easch class.
* Pro tips and tatics for Crafting / Profession / Gathering strategies.
* PvP secrets the pros use.
* And Tons more!

So Where Do I find a FFXIV guide for levelin? - Visit Here - Final Fantasy 14 Leveling Guide!

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